Fatherhood is simply the greatest thing that could ever happen to a man
. Believe me when I say that. There is not a thing in this world that compares to staring into the eyes of your very own parasitic being that cries for any given reason, poops themselves through 7 diapers a day 12 diapers a day, whines because Bubble Guppies just ended, and eats you out of house and home. I find myself counting grey hairs at the same rate that I find myself counting my blessings.

There comes a point in every man’s life where he begins to question certain aspects of his existence.

Why am I here?

What is my purpose?

What time is the ball game coming on?

Could my son beat that chubby little pigeon-toed ginger in hand to hand combat…? (I ask myself this question probably more times than I should openly admit.)

All of these questions should be answered in one form or fashion, at some point in time. Fatherhood, marriage, friendships, and finding a way to balance all of these factors is hard, and at times feels impossible.

But I am here to tell you, poor dad, that you are not alone!  In this blog, I will share stories about my children, lessons I’ve learned though my marriage, and how I balance friendship, being a father, work, and continuing to work on my marriage. Crack a cold beer, escape to the porcelain throne, and enjoy a glimpse into the life that I am blessed to call mine; A 27 year old, married to his high school sweetheart, serving in the Army, and currently raising 4 kids…3 of them being under 2.


As always, Poor Dad, cheers to cold beers, and children’s tears.