Welcome Back!

Hello to all! I must say that life has been a bit of a roller coaster ride as of lately. A brief update on my life would be reason enough to understand why I have been away from this blog for so long…

Since my last post, we have moved into a new house and have welcomed to the world our twins. I have completed my second to last term in college, and have begun my final term for my undergrad. We have celebrated our first Christmas at home, alone. Just us, no traveling. I was promoted at work and Poor mom and I celebrated another birthday.

Life as we knew it has drastically changed in a short 5 months. But this change that has occurred is something I couldn’t be more excited about. We’re blessed, in more ways than we can begin to count.

Poor Dads Diary will be updating this blog with posts that I have written during my time away.

As always, Poor Dads, heres to cold beers and children’s tears. Drink up, Dads !

-Poor Dads Diary.

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